Neighborhood Grass Cutting in Cork

Reliable & Cost-Effective Lawn Mowing

Do you have a small-sized back garden, however you don’t have access to a lawnmower? Or maybe you’ve got a large garden, however, it takes way too much time and energy to keep it maintained and looking great on your own.

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Our lawn mowing services also cover:


Local, Affordable grass cutting services in Co.Cork. Our team of gardeners will get your garden the way you want it and can be booked as a one-off job or on a regularly scheduled basis.

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Everyone will unquestionably wish to go out into their garden if it is tidy and well-tended, we believe that managing to keep your garden and your yard in terrific condition has a huge impact all throughout your whole way of living. One sentence that we hear when we finish a job on a customer’s properties is that they are “proud of their garden once again”.


Being able to enjoy your garden and spend more time outdoors we think is priceless. A well-kept neat and tidy looking garden will improve your wellbeing and give you clear head-space, nothing feels better than sitting in back on a warm sunny day with a drink in your hand staring out amongst a beautiful looking landscaped garden. Our local professionals have experience in all areas of lawn mowing, ride-on mowing, lawn edging, strimming, weed control, fertilizing and seeding of new lawns. Get the garden you have always dreamed of having!


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Affordable Grass Cutting Solutions in Cork

As we are a local company in Cork we can minimize our fuel expenses and travel time, which is much better for our clients and much better for the environment.

Efficient Jobs

We are the quickest to respond to job bookings and will complete every service in the most efficient way possible.

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Fully Trained

Our gardening crews and tree service experts have been trained to the highest standards in the tree & garden industry.

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Professional Quality

We take the greatest pride in completing high-quality services for our all of residential and commercial customers.

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Affordable Rates

Being a local tree service company in Cork has it's advantages, our rates much lower than our competitors in other counties.

Get Your Grass Cut Without Being Home

Our flexible grass cutting and lawn care services are perfect for customers who are always on the move. For some of our clients, we can arrange to mow their grass without them being at home. Our non-intrusive services give you full flexibility for when you want the job done.

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We are typically busier moving into the start of the new season so please call in advance for our grass cutting and lawn maintenance services. Fill out a quick quote contact form below and one of our experts will come to your property within 24hrs.